Friday, June 15, 2012

Busy Weekend

Unfortunately, I do not have a bathroom reveal for you this week. With any DIY project there are bound to be snags along the way and we hit one last Sunday… Since this weekend is Father’s Day, I do not anticipate finishing this weekend either. But that’s ok… we will finish eventually and I will be so happy with the results!!!
I will give you an update of our progress… Brian spent a good 7 hours of non-stop work in our master bathroom on Sunday. Since we decided to lay the tile on an angle with a staggered brick pattern we are getting some interesting angles and final cuts in the doorways and corners on one end of the room. So we have come up with a game plan as to how to finish off the doorways so they will all look the same.
I am going to try to make templates for the other odd cuts with newspaper and lay them out so we make sure we like it before we lay the tile and it’s there forever.
We are hoping to work on that early Sunday morning before we celebrate Father’s Day with the dads in our lives! We are hoping to just cook out and spend quality time with our dads.
On Saturday, I am going to run a 5K! It will be the first time I have actually ran an entire 5K (assuming I make it... hehe). I made a New Year’s Resolution to get down to a certain weight and to run a 5K. I started a 5K training app in late March and finished the training a few weeks ago. My cousin’s wife, Carrie is going to run with me! I’m pretty excited that I will have actually achieved one New Year’s Resolution tomorrow if I make it all the way through!
My other New Year’s resolution was to weigh the exact same amount that I did on our wedding day. I am happy to report that I weigh exactly what I weighed after we got back from our honeymoon J… So only a couple pounds to go… (Obviously we ate a lot on our honeymoon… we did the all-inclusive thing so there was always plenty of food around)…
So there is a lot going on this weekend. I am trying not to set unrealistic goals for our renovation since we have so much going on, but I am hopeful that we will get something done in there this weekend!
This is the only picture that I have and this picture was taken before Brian began work on it last Sunday... so we already the tile laid and cut underneath the vanity and the tub and in the toilet area... All we have left is around the half wall by the toilet and the doorways to the closets and entry way left to tile:

Here’s what we have left to do:
Cut tiles for corners of room and doorways
Lay those tiles
Grout tile
Add new floor trim around toilet area
Paint trim and doors
Hang the cabinet doors back up with new hardware
Replace shower hardware
Seal tile in shower
Put marble face back on the tub (with silicone)
Install new toilet

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