Thursday, June 7, 2012


I heard on the radio this week about a new medical condition (I forget the name) that is arising from social media. Basically it’s about how we are addicted to reading the status updates of others and unfortunately we are comparing ourselves and our lives to our friends. Most of the time, people only post the positive and cheery aspects of their lives on social media feeds which tends to make us think of our own lives in a negative light especially when we have a bad week or day.
Well readers, I am going to do my best NOT to only show you the cheery aspects of my life. So let me tell you about my no good very bad day/week…
Well, as I have mentioned previously… we are putting down new tile in our master bathroom. Well we got all of the whole piece tiles put down on Sunday (hip, hip, hooray)! But it takes 24 hours for the thinset underneath to dry which mean you can’t walk on the tile for at least 24 hours… Well you know we started tiling in the far corner of the bathroom and made our way to the doorway by the time I realized that the entrance to my closet had brand new freshly laid tile surrounding it…So my wardrobe to work Monday was seriously hap hazardous and that does not good for my mood or self-esteem on a Monday morning.
Besides that, I have been completely restless for the past 3 nights (mostly due to storms and having lots on my mind) and when I do sleep I constantly dream about stressful things like we started laying the tile in the wrong direction and now have to rip it all up and start over again…etc, etc, etc.  So I wake up in a fury thinking something needs to be fixed or I am behind on something else!
So with our bathroom being torn up, it takes me forever to find anything when getting ready because we are now sharing our guest bathroom.  I’m spoiled used to having our nice double vanity in the master bath where everything has its own place. So let’s just say I left the house about 20 minutes later than usual Monday trying to scrounge up something decent to wear out of what was in the laundry room that I hadn’t ironed and put back in my closet yet and searching all over the house for my get ready in the a.m. routine supplies since they are scattered between the guest bath and our 2 guest bedrooms.
 Also, I have left the house twice this week without my phone only to realize it after I get more than halfway to work!!!! This results in me being about 30 minutes later than usual getting into the office. Nothing ruins my morning more than having to trek back home after I am already enroot to work…
I got a speeding ticket last month in none other than the speed trap we call Oakland. I got a ticket for going 55 right in front of the 55 mph sign… I’m sure that’s everyone’s plea in the courtroom though so I just kept my mouth shut accepted the ticket from the officer (who was VERY polite) and went on my merry way. Mind you, the only reason I was traveling through the great town of Oakland was to make a donation at the nursing home for Mother’s Day… Come on, no good deed goes un- punished un-noticed… right???
So I prep myself for going to court. I have to take off a few hours early to get from work to Oakland for this ticket court business. Only to find that I had written the wrong time down in my planner ( I was off by a whole hour) and had to take an additional hour off work at the last minute (oops..)
Good news was, I was in and out within an hour and the ticket is no longer on my record (thank you very much Mr. Judge)
I’m hoping for better days to come and am constantly reminded that God is in control. This day is already looking up since I am hosting a fabulous dinner meeting for my sorority alumnae group!
I hope you all enjoy your Thursday and continue to countdown the hours until the weekend is here! Hopefully by the middle of next week I can share with you the big bathroom remodel reveal!

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