Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's not easy...

I sat down to write a post about jake the other day... In my last post I wrote about unexpected expenses and about how we took our beloved pup to the vet and got some bad news and a big bill... I feel so selfish now for complaining about that expense because I would give up my house to have that dog back!

Unfortunately, we had to make a tough decision last Friday and Jake is no longer with us... The 4 page post that I drafted was obviously very long and very sad and kinda depressing so I won't share that with you... But I'm feeling better lately... I don't miss him any less and it's not easy coming home and not seeing his smiling face and wagging tail but I now know we did the right thing!

I pretty much took the whole weekend to pretend like this didn't happen and then moped around the house... I didn't run, I barely cooked anything to eat... I didn't watch TV or visit friends instead I went to work with my dad in the morning and with my mom in the evening on Saturday to keep my mind off it...

Then Sunday came and Brian and I were home with nothing to do and we were forced to work through the sadness! I love my husband so much for helping us both get through that day!

Going back to work Monday helped and having my favorite TV shows (dancing with the stars and the voice) didn't hurt either!

Yesterday I decided to jump back into routine and I went for a run after work... I hadn't ran in about 10 days... And I've been training or a 10K on Oct 20th.... I haven't been able to run more than 5 miles at a time yet... So yesterday I just went for it... I ran 6 miles without stopping!!! It wasn't easy but I did it!

I have learned so much just how much taking care of yourself, being with family and prayer can get you through the days and times that aren't so easy...

Maybe later on I will be able to share a happier post about Jake and what happened to him but right now it's still not easy to talk about.

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