Friday, July 20, 2012


So you know I've been trying to do this running thing here lately... I finished my 5k training and ran a 5k I found it hard to stay motivated so I started 10k training... And now it's super hot outside.... My 10k training runs last an hour which is a huge time commitment for 3 days a week.... And this weather lately is crazy! The heat index is 110 today!!!! I try getting up early to run to beat the heat but that just doesn't always work.... Like this morning I got up and was on the trail at 6am then psyched myself out because Running alone on the boardwalk along the wolf river at 6am during sunrise gets a little creepy.... I worry way too much about things like running into crazy people .... Or snakes.... Or just anything! And it was super hot even at 6 am! So I only ran about 2.5 miles this morning and was suppose to do 4.5.... So I'm trying to motivate myself!

I think running at night just works better for me... Although I'm much more paranoid about running at night than I am about running at 6am! Maybe they make maze for runners to carry on their armband.... I'll google that later!!!

Here are a few items that I pinned on Pinterest to keep me motivated!!!

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