Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Powder Room

Well, it took a while but I have finally put together most of the accessories in the guest bathroom.
Here was one of the before photos:

Here is the after shot:

I splurged on the flowers for the wall in this bathroom. I usually try to score serious bargains when it comes to accessories but I had been eyeing these flowers and for almost a month so I just had to have them! And I LOVE the result!

We switched out the hardware on the bathroom vanity. I also varnished/stained the vanity cabinet in order to make it a darker wood.

I think our guests will feel very welcome using the guest facilities! Brian and I have used that bathroom more than ever before since our master bath is still under construction.
We found some rotten wood on the step going into the shower after we removed some of the marble surround in the master bath. We had to remove all of the caulk and let the area sit for 1 week in order to get rid of all the moisture. We have resealed inside the shower. This past Sunday Brian was able to replace the rotten wood with waterproof concrete board and seal the step back up with the marble piece.
All of the floor tile is done and it has been grouted. We have put down new floor molding and just need to add the shoe molding  and caulk a few more areas again to be officially finished! We are hoping to get all of that finished by next Sunday, but who knows! I can’t wait to share the big reveal in that room but here are some sneak peeks!

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