Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Book Worm

SO, I haven’t been blogging very much lately. I had gotten into a
pretty good habit of it about 3 weeks ago until I became a book worm
nerd. SO let me at least share with you the lovely books that have
taken over my spare time and taken me away from blogging.
A few months ago, I got caught up watching the “Love Comes Softly”
movies (starring Katherine Heigl) on the Hallmark Channel that are
based on the “Love Comes Softly” book series written by Janette Oke.
Those movies were the best! and made me wish I had actually read the
books (movies always ruin books and are never as good as the book
itself). So, since I had finished everything else on my reading list a
few months ago I decided I had waited long enough to start the series.
I am on Book 5 of 8 and am HOOKED! Seriously this lady wrote this
series in the 70s/80s and it’s based on pioneer times but the
characters are so lovable and the life lessons are a joy to read!
I was worried I would get bored reading the books since I had seen the
movies and there are 8 books (that’s a lot!). So I planned to read a
book or 2 in the middle of the series to help me stay motivated to
finish. I did read those 2 books but found myself rushing through them
so I could get back to my faithful Janette Oke series! I’m such a
nerd… no need to remind me.
The 2 books I have read during the interim of the series are:
The Last Boyfriend written by Nora Roberts (Book2 of the Inns
Boonsboro Trilogy).
Still Alice (Lisa Genova)
I had already read the first book of the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy and now
I can’t wait to read the third one. This series does have a lot of
similarities as the “Bride Quartet” series written by Nora Roberts but
they are still different enough to keep you interested.
My co-worker told me about the book, “Still Alice” and since the Walk
to end Alzheimer’s is this weekend in Memphis, TN I decided it was an
opportune time to read it. Let me tell you how good this book is! I
had a lot going on this past Saturday so I started reading the book
while waiting for my color to set while getting my hair done Saturday.
SO I only got through the first 30 pages. As soon as I woke up Sunday
morning I had to start reading the book and I just couldn’t put it
down! I finished it on Sunday afternoon and found myself laughing, and
crying throughout the book. It is a great insight into what the person
who has Alzheimer’s is going through and how the family members
affected deal with their emotions.
SO there you have it…. That’s what I’ve been doing… I haven’t yet
started the 5th book in the Love Comes Softly series because now I’m
reading a political book that I decided to go out and get after
watching the RNC and DNCs the last 2 weeks; which has also taken all
of my attention away from blogging and extracurricular activities.
I drafted a blog post about my frustrations with speeches from both
parties but I hate to get political on my blog. I don’t want to push
my thoughts or ideas on anyone, but I do hope that everyone is out
there educating themselves on the candidates. I'll just say that much for now :) I’m sure you would rather take reading
recommendations from me rather than voting recommendations!

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