Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Light

Well folks, I'm beginning to see my living room in a new light! Remember my post from a few weeks ago where I showed you how I re-purposed some glass continers? Well, while I was hunting down those containers in my grandparents' basement i came across these white ceramic lamps:

Now I know they don't look so pretty in this photo... but, I love the size and geometric pattern on them. So I went out and bought some rustoleum hammered silver spray paint from Lowe's and found some awesome lampshades on clearance for $4.99 apiece. The transformation was pretty amazing!

I wanted some larger lamps to frame some artwork that Brian and I purchased from a local "starving artists sale" back in February. Here is what the space looked like before I updated the lighting:

Sorry the photo quality is so poor but as you can see the single petite lamp does not hold up to the scale of our painting. Here is what our space looks like now:

I love the way this turned out and these are super nice quality lampshades! The damask is a silver raised velveteen feel material! This whole project cost me $6.97 for spray paint and $10.91 for the lamp shades! What an awesome update for less than $20!

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