Friday, May 18, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

The hubby and I are embarking on our first EVER bathroom remodel this weekend!
We are very excited and anxious to get started!
Here’s what our bathroom looked like when we first moved in:

There is carpet in front of the vanity! In a bathroom! That is just crazy! Well we really didn’t like the look of this bath when we first moved in. So we did a few quick updates to it so we could live with it for now…
Here is what it looks like today:

In the process of pulling the old sheet mirror down it buckled under the pressure and broke in to 2 large pieces and a few smaller ones. Luckily Brian only suffered one very minor cut in the process! But one of the big pieces hit the back of the toilet and cracked it and the tile.
So our last minor update project in this bathroom did not go so well! But, it did look a lot better after some new paint, mirror, and accessories!

Here are our plans for this remodel:
The items in blue are what I think will actually get finished this weekend:
Pull out the old toilet.
Demo the existing tile.
Paint trim and door.
Put down new tile.
Install new toilet.
Hang new towel bar and hardware.
Stain bathroom vanity.
Replace sink faucet.
Replace bathroom vanity hardware.
I’ll be sure and update you on our progress next week! Are you doing any renovations in your home? Who are the experts that you call on for help?

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