Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Jake!

Yesterday was my 90lb. yellow lab's Birthday! His name is Jake. Mine and Brian's first apartment was broken into only 8 weeks after we moved in. After we moved to another apartment in a different city Brian decided we should get a dog for the nights that I would be home alone while he was working late. We found this boy in the paper and brought him home on May 29, 2009...

Jake has been such a great addition to our lives! He is very lazy and has never met a stranger. He loves when company comes over to visit. But his favorite thing to do is nap all day on the couch with a big fluffy pillow!
Unfortunately we do not know Jake's birthday or his actual age. His owner passed away and the famiy that inherited him was allergic to dogs. So we have no information on his previous history, so we celebrate his birthday on the day we brought him home and he got a new life!

Here is Jake's (what we think is) 10 year Birthday portrait:

I stopped by Three Dog Bakery after work yesterday to pick him up a wheat and peanut butter pup cake to celebrate the occassion with our other dog, Nola!

They patiently waited for their slices of the "pup"cake....

Jake's face is a little blurry... he wouldnt sit still or stop barking... he was so excited! I love that big dog more than words can describe. I know some people don't even like to have dogs for pets but this guy has been such great company over the last 3 years of survivng college and graduate school and late nights while the hubby is at work. i don't know what I would do without him!

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