Thursday, May 24, 2012

Money Matters

So, let’s talk about $! Haha, all I’m seeing are $ signs lately with this bathroom remodel!
So about money… You gotta have it. We work 40+ hours/week so we can survive, pay our bills, and occasionally reward ourselves every now and then.
Well I’ve been researching a trip to Napa for the hubby and I. I have broken down the cost for us to get there and stay there which isn’t so bad. The problem is the amount of spending money that you need in NAPA. If you Google “how much money to spend in Napa” you will get responses between $1500 and $3500!!!!! I just can’t keep up with the Jones’!!!! And since our bathroom remodel has now extended into the master bath as well… we have decided to postpone Napa for another year. We will use that week to take a smaller road trip this year if gas prices will allow!
So I looked at my spending this past month to see where else my money is going…
How much was strictly bills?
How much was necessary recreational spending (i.e. Mother’s Day, dinners out with friends, fun days out to the zoo, etc.…) you know necessities of life!
How much was strictly selfish recreational spending (i.e. Macy’s, Target, nail polish, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.)
How much went to daily operations (i.e. Gas & groceries)
Well I am appalled at my findings!
Of course the largest portion went to bills and daily ops… BUT my selfish recreational spending was horrible! Like if I cut that out for last month I could afford that Hot Air Balloon Ride in Napa with the photos and souvenir champagne flutes!
So my goal for the rest of this month (and next month) is to cut out ALL selfish recreational spending!!!
Haha, yea right! But my goal is to cut that in more than half and to reduce my normal recreational spending (maybe I don’t need to order a pitcher of margaritas with my girls’ night out dinner)…
The point is… Money MATTERS! And you should break down your monthly spending and it may scare the heck out of you but hopefully you will learn something from it. The next time I think I need a new OPI nail color… I will revisit my current collection (aka the entire bottom drawer in the bathroom vanity) and refrain from spending.
Practice Self Control & Happy Spending!

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