Friday, May 18, 2012

First Attempt...

Hello Blog World!
My name is Hannah and I have wanted to start a Blog for a very long time. I was hesitant to begin this journey because what you put on the web is there forever! Anyone can see what I am saying here, which is GREAT but it’s also kind of scary, more on that in a later post….
So I wanted to introduce the name of my blog. When I decided that I would officially start blogging, I wanted a very catchy title. I wanted to make sure it was cute and if someone just saw the name it would be descriptive and catchy for someone who might not even know me.
So hopefully, Thick & Thin will draw people’s attention… I wanted a title that started with a “T” so it would have alliteration with our last name… (I know I probably thought way too much about this). So after googling action verbs and adjectives and consulting a thesaurus, I kept coming across “thick” and “thin” for t words…
Of course “thick” and “thin” automatically make me think of fat and skinny… but then it made me look at it from a different point of view. So, I googled “thick and thin” quotes and this quote helped me make a final decision for our blog title:
Author: Unknown

Pretty perfect, huh? This blog will document my journey from this point on and maybe a few great memories from the past. I will tell all, through thick & thin!

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